Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is Jincor?
Which problem do you solve?
How do you solve it?
How will it work?
Who is your target customer?
Which countries will Jincor target first?
What has already been done?
How long have you been developing your product?
What is Jincor’s legal structure?
How can I get in touch with you?


Why do you need ICO?
When is the start of ICO?
How can I participate?
What do I get with JCR token?
What is the price of a JCR token?
What is soft and hard cap on ICO?
How quickly will I get my JCR tokens?
When and where JCR token will be listed?
What are my risks when investing in you?

Cryptocurrency payments

Is there actual interest from the companies in using cryptocurrency?
What are the obstacles in using cryptocurrency now?
Can I use cryptocurrency payments on Jincor if my country did not legalize cryptocurrency?
Which cryptocurrencies are used in Jincor?
Can my company have several cryptocurrency wallets on Jincor at once?

Smart contracts

Why should my company use smart contracts?
What is the legal effect of smart contracts?
Can I make smart contracts which execution depends on actions in the real world?
It turns out that when using smart-contracts everyone will see my data?

Arbitration system

Why is this needed?
How does it work?
How do you choose the judges to handle arbitration disputes?
Why should I trust them?

Post ICO

What is your plan after the ICO ends?
When will the development of your product be finished?